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My name is Anthony, I’m a golf coach and lifelong lover/player of this great game. I play golf study, practice and write on golf-improvement (played for 28 years now).

The putting action is very simple; taming our brains and setting up positive habits and routines however, takes a little introspection, good information and practice. 

I love helping and getting feedback from the tens of thousands of free subscribers to this site, and members who have enrolled/purchased the putting training course. Some of their inspiring success stories are listed here.

I made some “game-changing” discoveries about putting back in the late 90’s. I call this “The Putting-Revolution”.

Well, they were not really my ideas to start with; they were coming from advances in “golf psychology” at the time. These were being used by the best in the World at putting then – Brad Faxon, David Duval and Tiger Woods.

Advances in how we understand our psychology, physiology and how humans best respond to targets has continued. I have added to and built on these early discoveries over the last 20 years.

In my early years I practiced my putting a lot. I was solid on short-putts but hardly ever made putts over 10-15 feet. That changed when I discovered The Putting-Revolution. This was the opposite to the “technical, perfect-stroke focus” I had been using (you can never putt REALLY well whilst focusing on your technique).

It was quite amazing when these discoveries started to pay dividends in the form of 3, 4, and 5 birdie barrages in 9 holes – repeatably. It was a new way of playing and it felt amazing.

Below is an old “playing diary” from a 3rd year Trainee match – which I won (the opening match of the 98 season).

Trainee-Match-98-For-sales-page with writing bubbles UPDATED BRIGHTER


The putting around this time – and on this day was scary. But the best thing is: I knew how I did it, because I was following a proven system based on how human’s best respond to targets. You get this right (as I detail in my putting books and videos) and you know the system, you just repeat and fine-tune the process game after game, year after year.

Putting like this will help you go low and it will also help you out when your striking is “not so hot.”

Check out the diary below (back 9 played first; short course):

And… here is a score-card from our back-tees just the other day (Mid-2012, 14 years later).

I hit 7 greens in regulation, got up and down with the putter from off the green 8/9 times (it is winter here so chipping is tough; I used the putter a lot in this round… and I’m good with it:) and…24 putts with a three-putt on the third hole!

The course is about 6,100m or 6,700 yards (not as the card indicates)

I have a system for putting that works. If you hit just half a dozen greens or so like I did in the card above, you too can have a similar score. How would that feel?

Remember putting is a very simple action; pure-putting comes from knowing your putting system (step 1, step 2, step 3… putt… ka-ching!) and eliminating mental-static and commands.

You may need a little “reprogramming” but it is quite simple when you have a system to follow and tweak.

When you know your “putting-system (checklist)” and how it works, you become “oblivious” to everyone else and there erroneous focus on the continual search for the “new wonder-putter” or the latest fad-claw-back-hand-belly grip technique. It is IMPOSSIBLE to improve if you focus on “quick-fixes”.

Once you know your putting system (checklist), you simply work ON IT… and nothing else. You will become a putting-machine. A little tinker here and an adjustment there; when you know your system you will NEVER have a totally bad “putting-round”…

…because you will have the knowledge of your “putting-system” to get on track from the very next putt.

Also, anyone can be a great putter provided they have:

  1. Good information
  2. A Putting-system to follow
  3. Commitment
  4. Able to honestly analyze their results (on each: putt, each 9 holes, each round)

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