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Welcome affiliates to The Truth About Putting affiliate page.

The page-resources here, will assist you in rolling out successful promotions of  The Truth About Putting which will send you are reliable income every week.

Note: As of the of March, 2015, we now handle affiliate links and send commissions using our own system – not Clickbank as was used previously. Get your affiliate link further down the page.

Product: Golf E-Book, Videos and 6 week e-lesson series on Putting. Many of our dedicated customers enjoy great success… the success stories page continues to grow (these are added to main sales page – as well). Refund rate is below .5%

Copy for emails and sales pages, are all written by a golf coach that shoots under par regularly. The product is solid, the conversions are strong, add Traffic, and you will make money.

Two Places To Send Traffic:

1. Straight to sales page, or landing page then sales page. 1.5%+ conversion rate – if the traffic is from a affiliates golf list

2. To the “extremely optimized” opt-in landing page (makes a lot more money for you than straight to sales page.)
Results: 2.5% conversion in days 1-10. A further 2% in days 16-20. A further 2% days 30-60.
Total Conversion in first 60 days = 7% and 10% plus after 1 year.

Your return in dollars (as explained in detail below)= $1/click. E.G. 1000 clicks from your emails = $992 

The model: Traffic>Opt-in page>email funnel>sales

This business is a machine based around email marketing…I know the statistics for when customers buy (what email number), the emails are always being tested and optimized. If you would like money come in every week – for a long time, send “solid” golf-traffic – and we’ll do the rest.

Golf-List Traffic, Opt-in rate, Converts at 44-52%! 

Opt in rate aweber news letter mail outs small


Cold, google and various golf site traffic I use (for the last 2 years), gets a standard 11% opt in rate on search and 15% on the display network.

Between June and Sept 15, 2014, I bought $8000 worth of private Golf Newsletter Traffic, from 8 different lists of serious club-golfers (90% in USA and 10% in Australia), which ended up in a 5000 subscribers and many hundreds of sales Those sales keep coming in because my email funnel that you can be a part of, is loooong! (101 at last count, or 18 months worth), and you have LIFETIME affiliate cookies!)

Not for any of these lists, was my opt in conversion rate below 45% (apart from when I went back to the exact same lists – and still got above 40% opt-in!). Where the potential subscriber/customer reads [my] message, is the key (what traffic source they come from).

Your Takeaway:

If you are a vendor or an affiliate with a list of keen golfers that you treat well, send 1000 customers (from the very ad copy I use, to the same opt in landing page I use, and approximately 5oo will “opt-in”). 

Your $Return

Average sale including upsells is $45. You get 63% (av) = $28.35 Commission.

Send 1000 visitors, 500 opt ins x 7% sale-conversion (over 45 days) = 35 sales x $28.35/sale = $992.25  (half of the total – $500, made within 10 days). 

Revenue/click:  nearly $1/click from your email clicks.

Sales: 3% of the 500 will buy premium products within 10 days ($49 to $120 order size; your commission is 65%, and 60% on 3 of the 8 products which are physical DVD’s  – which costs us money to make and fulfill). A further 5% will buy over the next month ($22-$80 order size).

Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month to your Paypal account (let us know what it is via email, or we will email you to find out).

Resources below:

  1. Opt in box for you to subscribe through – which will give you your unique affiliate number and access to your earnings
  2. Banner ads if needed
  3. Ad and Email copy to use to get $1/click 

1. Software: We use a very powerful membership/shopping cart/affiliate system called Digital Access Pass. All you have to do is enter your name in the opt in form below, insert your new ID into any link to any page on our site. Once a prospect clicks on that link, the cookie is set for life. 

[If you are looking for membership/affiliate tracking/digital shopping cart, I highly recommend DAP . It’s powerful, inexpensive, and the support is excellent].

Sign up directly below then check you email for a couple of email which include log in details, you statistics (sales) page and you affiliate ID.

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Where to send your readers?

Our affiliate software below enables affiliates to send traffic to any page on our site – whether that is an opt in, sales page or just an article. The cookie that is set in the prospects computer (after click on any link once) is there for life or until cleared. 

The best place to send traffic and where I send my paid traffic is to the opt in page. Why? Because as it stands there are 101 follow up emails over 1 year (so far) – with people buying all the way through that follow up series. Far more powerful than sending direct to sales page. 

The Putting-Revolution Guide page is that opt in page I speak of.  In the first 10 days the conversion rate is 2.5%, then 5% after 1 month, 7% after 2 months and gets close to 10% over 6-12 months.  

Pages to send traffic:
(Make sure you sign up above and get you affiliate ID to attach to the url’s below; instructions on adding your ID to url’s on your affiliate stat’s page)

  1. Opt in page (The Putting Revolution Report): #1 place to send traffic for maximum Revenue month after month: h
  2. Sales Page:
  3. Success Stories Page:
  4. Ray’s Story:
  5. Joan’s story: Don’t aim at the hole and have 24 putts for 18 holes.

45-75% Conversion rate Email Copy immediately below (including image). Best to use it.

[Note: Include the image of the free Putting-Revolution report in the email]

Headline: Putting-Report reveals how to become a 25-29 putts/round putter

Putting revolution report small without white boarder


Hi [subscriber],

Anthony Procopis of The Truth About has created a revealing putting report that helps all levels of golfers in three key areas:

  1. Better putting to help eliminate 3-putts
  2. Better Short-Putting from 8 feet in to the hole
  3. A 2-5 reduction in putts per round

As an exclusive for [insert you website name] Click here to download the Putting-Revolution Report for FREE!


[your name]


Other Email Copy (The Putting-Revolution).

Sent To Your Email Account

Sent To Your Email Account



Dear [enter Subscribe name]
I have just read some interesting information on how great putters think and putt. It seems as though most club-golfers are focusing on the wrong things when putting and hence are three-putting to often and missing too many short-putts.

The author tells the story and the result of a few words he gave mid-round to a 75 year old 19-handicapper that had just made a 3-putt (he missed his 20-foot putt by 12-feet!).

The elderly gentleman used these keys to go on and make 7 one-putts greens in his final 10 holes!

There is a free report on what happened and how you can incorporate the same keys into your game.

This gets my highest recommendation [subscriber]

Best Regards,

[your name]


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You can also use the Free images (see below) as a link to the land page (squeeze page)

1. Right click and then save as… to your computer.

2.Then paste the code into your html and the banner should come up live with the flash.

3. Then put in the following link your affiliate link from the software above



















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