“Read Below About How 19 Handicap, 75 Year Old Ray, Went From 3-Putts & 20 Putts For 9 Holes, To 6 One-Putts & Just 12 Putts On His Second 9 Holes”

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Ray’s story

I had an interesting experience at my local golf course the other day whilst playing in the members Wednesday competition.

I’m on our 4th Green waiting to try and make my 20-foot birdie putt as Ray putts from around 25-feet.

Now the putt Ray has is very flat, with a hint of right-to-left break. Ray putts and the ball “flashes past the hole” – coming to rest nearly off the green at least 12-feet from the hole!

I look up a little stunned and say to Ray as he walks by… “what were you thinking about there?” Now this is a very simple question but I’m afraid not too many people ask it of themselves – sadly.

When I see a person miss a putt by such a margin, I know they are focused on the wrong thoughts whilst over the ball… because your thoughts – your focus – directly affects the outcome of the putt.

Ray shrugs off my question with some laughter; but your persistent, “Nerdy-puttologist” continues… “no I’m serious Ray, what were you thinking about?”

“Well… I was just trying to hit-up-on-the-ball” (like one of our other playing partners does when he putts). This is done to get some “top-spin” on the ball like many golf commentators talk about achieving (are we playing tennis or golf here?)

I sigh… “nice one”, I mutter to myself

Now I broke a rule of golf here (which I never usually do) by saying a few words to him. I needed to get it out and it was just a mid-week comp (I had just been writing an eBook on putting so I had all this putting knowledge just waiting to explode!)

I say to Ray… “Why don’t you focus on the target? Focus on the line and the hole.” I know, revolutionary

The Hunter - when throwing, is not concerned with his spear, hand, wrist or weight-distribution. Putt to the hole like a Hunter throws at his prey

Putt to the hole like a Hunter throws at his prey

stuff, but something that many golfers forget to do.

Unfortunately, commentators and magazines spew out stuff like: “hit the ball with top-spin…

… or putt with your shoulders.” It sends amateurs focus away from thinking about the most important elements of good putting… the line and target.


Remember, you can only think of one thing at once, so it is your choice; focus on putting top-spin on the ball to no precise target, worry about what side not to miss the putt on, worry about what you wrists, hands and stroke are doing (or the dozens of other mechanical elements of putting)… or… 

… actually get involved and focused on the line; instead of being a “mechanic,” be an athlete – an artist – a child; see it, feel it, putt along the line to the hole.”


As a consequence of focusing and reacting to the target and line selected, your stroke will be much better (but you don’t want to think about the stroke consciously).

Back to the story…

… So I step up to my ball; I had a really good read; I saw a nice little “tram-line” for the last 5-feet of the putt and



rolled the ball up to the left edge… before it took one last roll… and in through the side-door! A little funny, after the “yours truly” put himself out there like that.

So, Ray starts making some solid two-putts through the eighth hole, and then on nine (after he double-hit a chip!), he makes a 15-foot putt from just off the green.

On 10 he rolls in another one from the same distance. He hits a 30-foot putt from off the green stone-dead on 11.

He then has a couple of two putts before making:

  1. a 25-foot putt on 14,
  2. an 8-foot putt on 15,
  3. a 6-foot putt on 17 and to top it off…
  4. he “makes” a super-fast, downhill putt from 20ft on the 18th green, that had 4-feet of break!

I had said nothing to Ray about putting since the 4th hole – apart from giving applause for his excellent putting. He got better and better as the round went on.

I gave him some more tips after the game and asked him what he was thinking about when he was putting? He said he was concentrating on: reading the line to the hole then putting the ball across it to the hole. 

He said he was more FOCUSED on reading the putts. Well what do you know!



I hope you got some useful tips out of that real-life story. Can you see how a focus on “technique” takes your focus off the things that matter – the line and target.

You can only focus on one thing at once, and your target should be right up the top of the list of things to focus on.

Be Target Focused

Be Target Focused

Ray putted well for 9 holes – which is great, but if Ray wants to wipe 2-6 shots off his average score permanently, he needs to learn more about:

  • Putting under pressure
  • How to “get back good-putting” when it goes (as it does)
  • How to practice properly

We will take your learning’s further in the next day or so as I introduce you to the “Putting-Revolution”, the most important development in putting in 50 years. 

Speak to you soon,

 Good putting, and go use those “target-focused putting-tips” A.S.A.P.



You’re are still here reading?

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…I have an unbelievable (but true) putting-story for you…

…It is about club-golfer Joan, and it continues the theme of focusing on the most important things in putting (which deliver the results), instead of being obsessed with “equipment, quick fixes and a perfect putting-stroke.”

Remember, in Ray’s story, I simply changed his focus from stroke, to line and target, and you know what happened.  

Here is Joan’s Amazing  story: You don’t have to aim at the hole to have 24 putts for 18 holes…

Enjoy, and check your email tomorrow for The Putting-Revolution Report