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“The Putting-Revolution Is Here… The Most Important Discovery In Putting In 50 Years”

Eliminate 3-putts, Make All Your Short-putts With Confidence and Average Between 24-29 Putts/Round

Welcome, my name is Anthony,

In the last decade or so there has been a revolution in putting…

… I call it: “The Putting-Revolution”.

Just recently, in the middle of writing The Putting-Revolution E-Report, I played a game of golf with a golf-club member…

… Ray, a 75 year old, 19-handicapper, went from 3-putting a flat putt from 25-feet on his 4th hole, to having 7 one-putts in his final 10 holes – as a consequence of two “great-leap putting-keys” I gave him mid-round. He had a “post-round glow” after “making” his last putt on 18 from 25-feet above the hole.

In the past, many golfers have struggled with short-putts and making too many 3-putts.

Even some of the greats of golf struggled with putting – before we had this information. Look at Ben Hogan for example…

After Hogan won 3 out of 3 majors entered in 1953, he never won another Major – despite his near perfect ball-striking. A decade or so after Hogan’s historic 1953 Major Championship Blitz, he played in The Colonial Invitational (a P.G.A tournament). At this point in his career, Hogan’s ball-striking was near perfect. Despite is prowess from tee to green, he sadly – took 140 putts for the 4 days; which is 35 putts per round. If he had known the information the best putters of today now know, he would have won regular P.G.A Tournaments in to his late 50’s.

The Putting-Revolution works by “freeing your body and mind up to the target,” like how a Hunter responds to a target; instinctively natural; unconsciously-competent; the ideal mind-body connection.

The “hunter mindset”;”putt to the hole like a hunter throws at his prey”

In the late 1990’s I struggled with my putting…

… I was doing a Golf-Pro Trainee-ship at the time and had a typical “putting-stroke focus.” This focus restricted my putting success and slowed my golf improvement; I could never go really low (mid 20’s for putts for 18 holes).

If you are focused on “your stroke” you will never unleash your full putting-potential; you will hardly ever – if at all – go into the mid-high twenties for putts taken in a round (this type of putting should be a regular occurrence). There is a better, more natural way to putt that I can show you, it is how the the best putters in the World putt.

Back then, I was always looking at ways to improve my golf and scoring; I started studying the best putters and books from leading golf-psychologists. I started practising differently and thinking differently about putting – and as a result – amazing things started to happen…

Look at this old “playing-diary” from when the “magic started” back in the late 90’s…

9/18 greens in regulation. 23 Putts. 3-Under par. 1st Place.


Putting: yes...not many putts on this day. Greens in regulation:

Putting: yes…not many putts on this day. Greens in regulation:


I continue to average 28-29 putts every round I play, but sometimes I go much lower…

A Personal Best 7-under par 65. 9 Birdies. 25 Putts. Joy.


Brad Faxon and Arron Baddely became the best putters on the U.S. Tour. They both use Putting-Revolution principles as do the leading putters. They are unconscious of the mechanics of their strokes; they focus on other crucial elements.

Introducing “The Putting-Revolution eReport” 

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Putting Revolution Ebook cover final (learn the truth)Putting Revolution Ebook cover final (learn the truth)

Inside you will learn:

  1. The Key principles that you can use straight away in your next game (hardly any practice required)
  2. What I told Ray that transformed his putting mid-round from 3-putts to 7 one-putt greens in his last 10 holes (use this straight away)
  3. What Brad Faxon focused on when he was putting – to become the best putter on the U.S. Tour
  4. I lay out the main principles of “The Putting-Revolution” that help me average 28 putts/round and often go as low as 23-24 putts per round (the report is 11 pages)
  5. Learn how club-golfer, Joan, had 24 putts for 18 holes, on route to winning her club-championships by 20 shots – while not aiming her putter at the hole
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