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Putting Success Stories From Golfers Around The World Who Have Implemented The Truth About Putting System

These Golfers Are Putting Excellently Many Months After Purchasing The Truth About Putting System

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Peter, a 59 Year Old, 3-Handicapper from Florida is Now Averaging 26-30 Putts/Rd, and Shot His best Round Ever – A Bogey-Free 68!


Peter, Florida, shoots 68


 69 Year Old, American, “Rico”, Broke His Age By 2 Shots, Shooting a 5-Under Par 67, With Help From The Truth About Putting and Automatic Golf System Training Courses 

David Rico MA shoots 67 part 1


David Rico MA shoots 67 part 2


Ian Has Gone From Shooting In The Nineties To Shooting In The Seventies In 12 Weeks!

After “surfing the net” for “get-better-at-golf information,” Ian came across The Truth About Putting home page. The message on the page (remember the photo of the Hunter) rang home. Ian had played plenty of sport and darts in particular. He took the fire-at-the-target darts mentality to the greens” (like old Ray did). Wise move Ian.

 “I Managed to break 80 for the first time last Easter weekend. For that I thank you.

My poor sad mates want to know what kinda performance enhancing drugs I’m on. Do I share this information with them, no hope in hell is that happening!”


14 Handicapper, Ross, has gone from 36 putts+/round, to breaking his handicap by nine shots; he shot 77 – TWICE!! He is now playing off a 10 handicap
Ross, 77 years, shoots 9 under handicap - twice

And 7-handicapper Fred… He is averaging 28 putts/round

“Hi Anthony, I have been using your method for 12 rounds of golf. I am very happy to say that my lowest was 26 and my highest was 31 putts per round. My handicap is 7 and I am 66 years old. I am a believer of your method of putting. I am looking forward to keep on improving using your method of putting.

Thank You,

Fred Brent”

“I Won The B-Grade Club Championship”

Gary Morgan B Grade Champion Narooma Golf Club 2013

I have just won the B Grade club championship at Narooma

Your newsletters and videos helped tune my game so I could be consistent over the four days of the championship

Thank you

Regards Gary Morgan

After A Few Weeks Of “Tinkering (And Some Email Pointers By Myself) Female Golfer Joan Broke Her Handicap By 5 Shots And Shot 41 Stableford Points


UPDATE… One game later… It’s 27 putts; check out Joan’s email:

I Must tell you I had a good day yesterday with 81 off the stick and 41 stableford points. Best of all no 3 putters.

I have had a lesson on my putting in the past but they never covered the 4 Rs or explained it like you have. I use to putt from instinct and have won putting competitions in the past but I have never analyzed the putts like I can now and learn from a missed putt instead of getting nervous over each putt.
Thanks for your encouragement. I am feeling more confident, looking for the line and getting into more of a routine instead of worrying about the putt. Cheers Joan

Joan Weine….

From 3 x 3-Putts Greens/Round To 41 Points To A 27-Putt-Round. Joan now has a REPEATABLE  System.

From 3 x 3-Putts Greens/Round To 41 Points To A 27-Putt-Round. Joan now has a REPEATABLE System.

Joan wins by 20 shots and has 24 putts

65 Years Young, 8-Handicapper Larry From Huston, Texas, U.S.A…. Larry tells me that over 20 rounds – he has gone from an average of 34 putts/round to 30.5 – a 3.5 shot/round improvement (to go with lower scores). Here is a short extract from Larry…

(To see Larry’s and many more golfers full testimonials – go here)

Larry Pearson

“The new information and the reminders each week [email lessons] to practice the putting routine is a key element to success. The putting routine has become a habit now, along with mapping a spot or spots on the putting surface to make your stroke to the hole. When I would catch myself not doing this, the results weren’t very good. When I do my routine, the results are usually very good. The mindset now is that I should make every putt inside of 20 feet and that I will always have a tap in on any length putt if it doesn’t go in the hole. I don’t ever think now that the putt is not going in. What a different thinking from 4 months ago. Thank you again Anthony for all your help. You really have something with “The Truth About Putting.”

My sincere gratitude and thanks.

Larry Pearson”

UPDATE… “A Year later and the putting is getting stronger”

Hi Anthony.  Larry Pearson here. Just got back from the biggest 3 day golf tournament I play in

A year later Larry's putting is a strength; here, he comes in first in "putting" out of 100+ golfers

A year later Larry’s putting is a strength; here, he comes in first in “putting” out of 100+ golfers

every year.  104 players this year.  Each year we have tournaments inside the traditional tournament, such as a Putting tourn., and a Shootout tourn.  In this email I am sending you a picture of the winner of the putting tourn.  I beat 103 golfers for the $300 first prize.  I was nicked name Mr. Automatic after the putting tourn.

Read more from Larry on the Success Stories page






“Recently, a partner said that I just walk up to the ball and knock it in without fear.”

“The biggest improvement in my putting has been in the short stuff. The one to two meter putts no longer cause my knees to knock. I now also regularly have less than 30 putts per round and have all but eliminated three-putts. Truth About Putting has given me real insight. It is a system that is reliable and works. The best endorsement, though, is from playing partners who have commented about how well I am putting. Recently, a partner said that I just walk up to the ball and knock it in without fear. Sound familiar?”


Brad Muir. 16 Handicapper, Queensland, Australia

Fresh in from Singapore… Another inspirational success story from Truth About Putting Devotee – Beh Chin. His words:

“From using your technique, my best round was 24 putts with scores 78 (my best scores ever). There are some amazing experiences through those game, last month I played the round of 82 with 25 putts, I made 3 birdies in 4 holes, this feels very good and enjoyable.Thanks for the continuous advice and technique recommendations.
Really enjoy the games now.

Thank you and best regards,

Beh CK”

Beh Chin Kear Testimonial


Jim is is breaking 80 more often…


Thanx for the lessons. I have improved my putting since I have used your method. I rarely 3 putt anymore. I feel that once I’m on the green I’m confident I will at least 2 putt and sometimes, 1 putt. I have just started using your magic swing technique [swing videos and e-book]. I am concentrating on using my left arm as the guide letting my right arm go along for the ride. I have hit some tremendous drives but still occasionally lose focus and hit some bad ones. The bad ones seem to happen when I try to “kill” the ball (hit it really far) or I get in a hurry. Any help for these problems? FYI, I shot a 77 the last round I played. I rarely shoot below 80. My goal is to be in the 70’s most of the time. With your help I know I can do it.


Me: Great work Jim!

“85-Shooter Eric, Plays 9 Holes in Even Par…Beating His Personal Best Score By 3 Shots!”

Email contact with Eric

Email contact with Eric

Eric magoon email 2 small screenshot

Eric "honing" his game "under flood lights"...that's my boy!

Eric “honing” his game “under flood lights”…that’s my boy!

“75 Year old, 19-handicapper 3-putts… then makes 7 one putts in last 10 greens after using a couple of tips from The Truth About Putting”

Ray from Sydney Australia. Ray – a 75 year old, 19-handicapper went from 3-putting a flat putt from 25-feet on his 4th hole, to having 7 one-putts in his final 10 holes – as a consequence of two “putting-keys” that are in the E-Book and videos. The author gave him these keys mid-round. Ray’s putting was awesome. You can putt like this as well – easily.

“66 Years Young, Californian, 10-Handicapper Lewis, Has Gone From Shooting 85+ To Shooting In The Mid 70’s. And Recently, He Shot A 74 – Which Included Just 24 Putts!”

Lewis Kidd

Lewis Kidd email


“Australian, Cain, Has Gone From A 17 Handicap To 12.8 Within A Few Months Of Joining The Truth About Putting Tribe”

Anthony Here: I asked for a photo of Cain and he sent me his Handicap record…it finishes with a handy 40 Stableford Points!

Cain handicap record
Cain email screenshot

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21 Handicapper – Harold, had 7 one-putts in 18 holes

Howard Truth About Putting Success stories

William has dropped from 12 to 8 within weeks. His lowest ever handicap. Well done!
Williiams email
William success story

43 points and 27 putts. Colin’s short sharp email. Excellent golf.
Colin testimonial

Walter is putting better, and he has dropped a couple of shots
Walter success story





Benjamin says he has completed the “missing part” to his golf game – Putting

 Ben email plus photo together

Austrian golfer – Issa, has dropped his handicap by 5 shots, as a result of better putting
Issa success story






Ben shot +8 off a 15 handicap – with 13 putts on the front 9. His best round in 18 months!

Ben P putting success









Michael had the “Yips”...during this period he purchased four putters, fat putter-grips and even tried putting left handed. His game deteriorated, he hated the game. He’s handicap blew out from 10 to 13.

Then he tried The Truth About Putting…He recently recorded a 79 with 31 putts. He says “the game is now enjoyable, again, for me. Thank you so much”.

Michael from putting yips to success2 13-10-2014 5-09-12 PM


Ian had serious putting problems…he’s handicap had doubled from 5 to 10. Fast Forward to today, he shot a sub-par round of 69!

Ian UK 10 handcap shoots 69

9-Handicapper, Daryl, has gone from averaging 36 putts, to 28-31. The other day he shot a 77, 40 stableford points, and he took just 25 putts!
Daryl 25 putts for a 77 - 7 better