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“Club-Golfers: Follow This Proven Putting Process And Decrease 3-Putts With Better Green Reading And Long Putting, Be Rock-Solid On Short-Putts, And Average 25-30 Putts/Round”

This video explains 6 common club-golfer putting mistakes and what great putters focus on to maintain excellent putting


Eliminate these common putting-mistakes listed below from your game and your putting will improve 


Common Putting Mistake #1: Focusing too much on having a perfect putting stroke

Focusing on making a perfect putting stroke will inhibit feel and take your mind of the main objective: the target!

Mindset: Putt to the hole like how a hunter throws at his prey

Mindset: Putt to the hole like how a hunter throws at his prey

“A good stroke is the result of a relaxed body joined to an attentive mind following a dependable pre-shot routine.”

What do you think a hunter is thinking about when he is about to throw a spear at an animal?

Do you think he is thinking about taking is elbow back above his ear, making a 35 degree angle between forearm and bicep while rotating shoulders 90 degrees, before releasing the spear and making sure his weight is transferred onto his front foot while holding perfect form? Of course not.

Same with putting; if you think too technically, you are not going to hole many putts.

Once you start getting more focused on the target and less on technique, you will start holing loads of putts.

A simple putting stroke


Mistake #2: Changing to some new radical grip will make you a better putter

Cross-hand-grips, claw-grips and belly-putters are all fine and good tools to help you develop a pendulum stroke. But don’t neglect the other (more important) factors such as visualization, routine, and confidence by being too focused on the type of putter and grip you are using.


Mistake #3: Buying new putters and changing putters will make you a better putter

No. Buying a new putter or changing putters all the time is like purchasing the Miracle-Abs-Cruncher or the Magic-Diet-Pill to lose weight. Do lean, strong, healthy people use these quick-fix products (dreamed up by marketers) to develop their bodies?

Of course not, it’s the same with putter’s; they are simply tools to express what the mind is thinking and feeling. The mind connects with the body, the hands connects with the putter and the putter-head connects with the ball. And if the correct thinking, routines and stroke are carried out, the ball will connect with the bottom of the hole!


Mistake #4: Luck, greens and putts not breaking can be the cause of missed-putts

Treat missed-putts as gifts (great putters learn from their misses, move on and then make the very next putt)

If you lip out, you have hit the putt too wide; no luck involved. The putt has not gone in because the green was not read correctly or, the putt was miss hit or, the putt was not hit at the correct speed.

When a player starts to look at the REASON for the miss putt, instead of making excuses, the player is on the road to becoming a great putter. 

With a positive perspective, missed-putts are treated as gifts. Once a missed-putt is reviewed against your best process (routine), you apply the adjustment to the next and subsequent putts.  


Mistake #5: Not practicing how you play

I call them putting-robots…you know, players that stand in a crouched posture, pumping balls out from the same spot, ball after ball, imprinting their shoes into the green.

A good stroke is important but a good stroke only happens when your mind is relaxed and you are orientated and reacting to the target while following a consistent routine. You can’t have a good stroke and hope to putt well week-in week-out when you are focused solely on the stroke.

(Without going into it too much here, too much rational, conscious thinking is a roadblock – a strangulation of the instinctual part of the brain that wants to REACT to the TARGET FREELY…the same part of the brain that controls movement! Hint…don’t get in its way if you want to play golf with your full potential.)

Putts come in all shapes and sizes…out on the course you might have a 30ft-double-breaker, then a 5ft-left-to-right down-hill putt, a 14ft-straight-flat putt, and then an 8ft-curling, pressurized-putt on the 18th to finish off a great round and or win a competition.

What would happen if you practiced like you played?

What would happen if you combined proper practice with a top-class streamlined putting-process to follow?

You would be better able to handle all those putts in all situations.


Mistake #6: Not having a repeatable routine

This is how great players hole loads of putts and can putt well under pressure. Think Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus; they got nervous like anyone does, but they had dependable, physical and mental routines that shielded them from the nerves and destructive thoughts.

This is why many amateurs can go out and have 5 or 6 up on the front side then have 5 or 6 down on the back 9. The pressure gets to them; they do not have a grooved pre-putt routine to turn and the mental skills to steady the ship. It doesn’t have to be this way, a dependable routine that you know inside and out and advanced mental skills it are your guardian angel against pressure.

I have developed through research, practice and experience (under pressure) these techniques. You can be nervous (as I get too), but if you have a routine to follow, you can continue to make putts and keep a good round going – even when the pressure is on.

Having a dependable routine is also a passport into the zone – that place where putts are holed from all over; you feel calm and focused and your mind, body and spirit are working in harmony.


Every Great Putter Has A Process For Putting

Great players have a checklist (habits) of things they do when the get to every green. They get nervous, they get tense, but the best putters have simple strategies and keys that gets their heads back to where they need to be – so their bodies can still perform well and make the putt.


The Truth About Putting Training Program is a result of extensive trial and error by myself, study of great putters, and playing in-person with – and listening to and answering questions from – Truth About Putting Subscribers over the past 7 years


Big changes to my putting started in the late 90’s when I was doing a Professional Trainee-ship. I was always a solid putter (doing loads of practice as a youngster) but I never made putts from everywhere (just solid on short putts). That changed in late 1997; from this point on I had dozens of peak 23-26 putts/round performances.

Through studying what leading sports and golf psychologists where teaching to leading golfers at the time, and practicing, testing and adding to this knowledge myself, I came up with a step-by-step, streamlined process for consistently good putting round after round.

These rounds include multiple birdie barrages featuring 4-6 birdies in 5-10 holes. This was new to me. Peers started talking about me. It amazed me. I ran with it, knuckled down and kept practicing, using and enjoying these heightened skills.

One of the most extreme rounds was a victory as a Trainee Professional…

…At this time, I had a weak, floppy Kids-golf swing that was totally dependent on rhythm and timing – to coordinate the mess! (That said, a higher percentage of kids nowadays can have solid swings at a young age due to better teaching, coaching and technology.)

So with the swing I had, I hit a typical 9 greens in regulation…

…The result of hitting 9 greens in regulation was a 6 birdies, 23 putts and a winning 3-under par round. Yep, 23.

Oh, and $530 cash for first place! (a doubling of my let’s say, modest wage!)

 I dug-up the round-diary from back then, see below:

Trainee-Match-98-For-sales-page with writing bubbles UPDATED BRIGHTER


And 15 years later…with an identical putting process but armed with a better, more mature golf swing and psychology, I had the fire power to score much lower…

A couple of years ago, a personal best 7-under par 65. 9 Birdies. 25 Putts. -8 through 13? Yep, a crazy day.

I was deep in the zone on this day and I cover valuable insights gained from this and other rounds in The Truth About Putting Training Course (eBook, Videos and email-lesson series).

Putting well when it counts

It is one thing to putt well when out for a social game, but it is another thing to putt well when the pressure is on – in a match, or maybe even finishing off a personal best competition-score. These are the times when you have to close the deal, get the most out of yourself and break new ground. Embrace the challenge!

In The Truth About Putting Program I take you through the tactics needed to finish off a great round – even if your hands are shaky. I take you through how I coped in that above round and dozens of sub-par rounds. You’ll learn how to master and Review your 4 R’s Process (Read, Routine, React, Review) so you can identify negative tendencies when they arise and fix them right away (this way your putting is always solid, improving or excellent).

“Anyone can become an excellent putter…because the putting-action is so simple.”

The key to rock-solid short-putting under pressure and making long putts…

…is following a step-by-step mental and physical process for each putt; step 1, step 2, step 3, putt. Repeat and or tweak.

The system for you to follow is laid out in The Truth About Putting Training Course

The updated Truth About Putting eBook and Videos includes Short & Long Putting, Green Reading, Pressure Putting, Technique & more

The updated Truth About Putting eBook and Videos. They cover Short & Long Putting, Green Reading, Pressure Putting, Technique & more


The "New" Short Putting & Green Reading & Distance Control for Long Putting videos, DVD and eBooks

The “New” Short Putting & Green Reading & Distance Control for Long Putting videos, DVD and eBooks


Module 1: (New) Rock-Solid Short Putting  – 26 x 1 to 6 minute videos, eBook and 6 weeks of email-lessons on how to become an excellent short-putter.

Core topics include:

  • sample routines to choose from (3 demonstrated). Developing then habitually following the correct routine is the difference between an average 33 to 36 putts/rd putter and an excellent 28-29 putts/rd putter
  • reading greens and what to aim at
  • how to build focus (and what to focus on)
  • holing short putts under pressure (vital if you want to go low and or scramble well)
  • how to master your stroke
  • 10 *mental anchors including what a few major winners used for short-putting dependability (*see below for more on Mental Anchors)
  • how to master the perfect setup (can’t hole putts if you are not set up correctly)
    And much much more.

Module 2: (New) Master Green Reading and Distance Control for Medium and Long Putting – 14 x 1 to 6 minute videos, eBook and 6 weeks of email-lessons

This module will help you read the greens better and give you the long-putting process to follow that will help you hit your long putts close to the hole on the first putt – this will help decrease your 3-putts/rd.

This module covers how to master:

  • big breaking putts
  • the process that improves your distance control (feel)
  • downhill putts
  • what to aim at
  • stroke speed
  • putting from off the green
  • better medium length putting
  • the exact process to follow from reading, to setting up, to hitting the putt

Module 3: The Original Truth About Putting – 14 x 1 to 6 minute videos, eBook and 6 weeks of email-lessons covering short putts, long putts, pressure putts, and learning from missed-putts immediately so you can go on a putt well during the round.

Module 4: (New) Putters, Practice, Grips, The Stroke – 6 x 1 to 6 minute videos.

This module answers all the questions you may have on:

  • What stroke to use, a pendulum style stroke or faster pop-stroke?
  • What putter to use and how long and heavy should it be?
  • How to master the setup so your eyes are perfectly positioned over the ball and line
  • What grip should you use – cross-hand, broomstick, regular or claw-grip?
  • How to create a better putting stroke
  • How to practice effectively

Mental Anchors are a very important part of consistently good short putting. All great putters have used them. 10 videos cover these in the Rock-Solid Short Putting module. 

Mental Anchor videos from the Rock-Solid Short Putting Module

Mental Anchor videos from the Rock-Solid Short Putting Module

Mental Anchors – what great short-putters use for consistently solid short-putting – under all levels of pressure
​​​​​​​In the updated Truth About Putting there is a short-putting module of 26 videos on how to create a simpler more focused routine, 10 of these videos are on mental anchors (many that I explain and demonstrate are used by Major Championship winners).
A Mental Anchor as part of your routine focuses your mind on a preconceived mental and physical anchor. Along with your routine, an anchor takes your focus off fear, results, environmental distractions and unnecessary mechanical thoughts.
[Thinking about your hands, stroke or some other self-conscious preoccupation is a deviation from what you should be focused on which is, line, speed, anchor and stroke-reaction.]

Below, more of the 26 x 1 to 6 minute videos from inside the Rock Solid Short-Putting program


sp photos plus bullets

Inside, Master Green Reading and Distance Control for Medium and Long Putting, Training Area

long putt videos plus bullets

Inside The Truth About Putting Members Training Area

Watch this video for more details on each module (all modules included in all purchases)


Other topics covered in Truth About Putting Training:

  • How to be rock-solid on short-putts (I give you the complete system – physical and mental)
  • How to read greens and judge distance better so you can hit all long putts next the hole and decrease 3-putt greens
  • The unique system for holing putts under pressure
  • How missed-putts can make you putt great for the rest of the round (I use this perspective-change all the time). Once you learn this you can fix your process on the go, meaning, your putting in-round hovers between average, improving and excellent; no slumps
  • Mental keys to use when under pressure so you can keep knocking in those 1-8ft score-saving putts
  • How to practice effectively (most golfers get this wrong – they slip into volume practice, versus, quality practice)
  • How to master putting from off the green. A super low-risk way of saving many shots/round
  • How to develop a pure putting-stroke
  • How to turn on and off each side of your brain when required, one of the keys to great putting
  • How a poor set-up can sabotage any chance of making putts consistently good putts
  • How to develop a World class pre-putt routine
  • The routines and keys that switch your mind from fear and anxiety to robotic consistency
  • A complete step-by-step guide to a tweak-able, dependable putting process for you to use


One payment of $79

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Club-Golfers listed below who have benefited from the Training 

[Disclaimer for Results. These are NOT the average, below is a group of the most successful students who chose to report their results. Results vary depending on factors such as, the player’s skill level, how successful he/she is understanding and implementing the principles, and time available for practice. (Minimum time required for basic improvement in first month when developing new habits: 2 x 30 minutes/week + study and reflection, + at least nine holes.]


Truth About Putting Tribe Member Ian Has Gone From Shooting In The Nineties To Shooting In The Seventies In 12 Weeks!

Here is what Ian said in an email exchange I had with him…

After “surfing the net” for “get-better-at-golf information,” Ian came across The Truth About Putting home page. The message on the page (remember the photo of the Hunter) rang home. Ian had played plenty of sport and darts in particular. He took the fire-at-the-target darts mentality to the greens” (like old Ray did). Wise move Ian.

 “I Managed to break 80 for the first time last Easter weekend. For that I thank you.

My poor sad mates want to know what kinda performance enhancing drugs I’m on. Do I share this information with them, no hope in hell is that happening!” 

Ian has gone from shooting in the “nineties” to frequently scoring in the 70’s; this has happened as a consequence of Ian applying the Truth About Putting and chipping lessons.


Peter, a 59 Year Old, 3-Handicapper from Florida is Now Averaging 26-30 Putts/Rd, and Shot His best Round Ever – A Bogey-Free 68!

Peter, Florida, shoots 68

And 7-handicapper Fred… He is averaging 28 putts/round

“Hi Anthony, I have been using your method for 12 rounds of golf. I am very happy to say that my lowest was 26 and my highest was 31 putts per round. My handicap is 7 and I am 66 years old. I am a believer of your method of putting. I am looking forward to keep on improving using your method of putting.

Thank You,

Fred Brent”

“I Won The B-Grade Club Championship”

Gary Morgan B Grade Champion Narooma Golf Club 2013

I have just won the B Grade club championship at Narooma

Your newsletters and videos helped tune my game so I could be consistent over the four days of the championship

Thank you

Regards Gary Morgan

14 Handicapper, Ross, has gone from 36 putts+/round, to breaking his handicap by nine shots; he shot 77 – TWICE!! He is now playing off a 10 handicap

Ross, 77 years, shoots 9 under handicap - twice

 69 Year Old, American, “Rico”, Broke His Age By 2 Shots, Shooting a 5-Under Par 67, With Help From The Truth About Putting and Automatic Golf System Training Courses 

David Rico MA shoots 67 part 1


David Rico MA shoots 67 part 2

After A Few Weeks Of “Tinkering (And Some Email Pointers By Myself) Female Golfer Joan Broke Her Handicap By 5 Shots And Shot 41 Stableford Points


UPDATE… One game later… It’s 27 putts; check out Joan’s email:

I Must tell you I had a good day yesterday with 81 off the stick and 41 stableford points. Best of all no 3 putters.

I have had a lesson on my putting in the past but they never covered the 4 Rs or explained it like you have. I use to putt from instinct and have won putting competitions in the past but I have never analyzed the putts like I can now and learn from a missed putt instead of getting nervous over each putt.
Thanks for your encouragement. I am feeling more confident, looking for the line and getting into more of a routine instead of worrying about the putt. Cheers Joan

Joan Weine….

From 3 x 3-Putts Greens/Round To 41 Points To A 27-Putt-Round. Joan now has a REPEATABLE System.

From 3 x 3-Putts Greens/Round To 41 Points To A 27-Putt-Round. Joan now has a REPEATABLE System.

Joan wins by 20 shots and has 24 putts

65 Years Young, 8-Handicapper Larry From Huston, Texas, U.S.A…. Larry tells me that over 20 rounds – he has gone from an average of 34 putts/round to 30.5 – a 3.5 shot/round improvement (to go with lower scores). Here is a short extract from Larry…

(To see Larry’s and many more golfers full testimonials – go here)

Larry Pearson

“The new information and the reminders each week [email lessons] to practice the putting routine is a key element to success. The putting routine has become a habit now, along with mapping a spot or spots on the putting surface to make your stroke to the hole. When I would catch myself not doing this, the results weren’t very good. When I do my routine, the results are usually very good. The mindset now is that I should make every putt inside of 20 feet and that I will always have a tap in on any length putt if it doesn’t go in the hole. I don’t ever think now that the putt is not going in. What a different thinking from 4 months ago. Thank you again Anthony for all your help. You really have something with “The Truth About Putting.”

My sincere gratitude and thanks.

Larry Pearson”

UPDATE… “A Year later and the putting is getting stronger”

Hi Anthony.  Larry Pearson here. Just got back from the biggest 3 day golf tournament I play in

A year later Larry's putting is a strength; here, he comes in first in "putting" out of 100+ golfers

A year later Larry’s putting is a strength; here, he comes in first in “putting” out of 100+ golfers

every year.  104 players this year.  Each year we have tournaments inside the traditional tournament, such as a Putting tourn., and a Shootout tourn.  In this email I am sending you a picture of the winner of the putting tourn.  I beat 103 golfers for the $300 first prize.  I was nicked name Mr. Automatic after the putting tourn.

Read more from Larry on the Success Stories page






“Recently, a partner said that I just walk up to the ball and knock it in without fear.”

“The biggest improvement in my putting has been in the short stuff. The one to two meter putts no longer cause my knees to knock. I now also regularly have less than 30 putts per round and have all but eliminated three-putts. Truth About Putting has given me real insight. It is a system that is reliable and works. The best endorsement, though, is from playing partners who have commented about how well I am putting. Recently, a partner said that I just walk up to the ball and knock it in without fear. Sound familiar?”


Brad Muir. 16 Handicapper, Queensland, Australia

Fresh in from Singapore… Another inspirational success story from Truth About Putting Devotee – Beh Chin. His words:

“From using your technique, my best round was 24 putts with scores 78 (my best scores ever). There are some amazing experiences through those game, last month I played the round of 82 with 25 putts, I made 3 birdies in 4 holes, this feels very good and enjoyable.Thanks for the continuous advice and technique recommendations.
Really enjoy the games now.

Thank you and best regards,

Beh CK”

Beh Chin Kear Testimonial


Jim is is breaking 80 more often…


Thanx for the lessons. I have improved my putting since I have used your method. I rarely 3 putt anymore. I feel that once I’m on the green I’m confident I will at least 2 putt and sometimes, 1 putt. I have just started using your magic swing technique [swing videos and e-book]. I am concentrating on using my left arm as the guide letting my right arm go along for the ride. I have hit some tremendous drives but still occasionally lose focus and hit some bad ones. The bad ones seem to happen when I try to “kill” the ball (hit it really far) or I get in a hurry. Any help for these problems? FYI, I shot a 77 the last round I played. I rarely shoot below 80. My goal is to be in the 70’s most of the time. With your help I know I can do it.


Me: Great work Jim!

“85-Shooter Eric, Plays 9 Holes in Even Par…Beating His Personal Best Score By 3 Shots!”

Email contact with Eric

Email contact with Eric

Eric magoon email 2 small screenshot

Eric "honing" his game "under flood lights"...that's my boy!

Eric “honing” his game “under flood lights”…that’s my boy!

“75 Year old, 19-handicapper 3-putts… then makes 7 one putts in last 10 greens after using a couple of tips from The Truth About Putting”

Ray from Sydney Australia. Ray – a 75 year old, 19-handicapper went from 3-putting a flat putt from 25-feet on his 4th hole, to having 7 one-putts in his final 10 holes – as a consequence of two “putting-keys” that are in the E-Book and videos. The author gave him these keys mid-round. Ray’s putting was awesome. You can putt like this as well – easily.

“66 Years Young, Californian, 10-Handicapper Lewis, Has Gone From Shooting 85+ To Shooting In The Mid 70’s. And Recently, He Shot A 74 – Which Included Just 24 Putts!”

Lewis Kidd

Lewis Kidd email

“Australian, Cain, Has Gone From A 17 Handicap To 12.8 Within A Few Months Of Joining The Truth About Putting Tribe”

Anthony Here: I asked for a photo of Cain and he sent me his Handicap record…it finishes with a handy 40 Stableford Points!


Cain handicap record

Cain email screenshot

 If you would like to virtually eliminate 3-putt greens, make all your 6ft-putts and regularly have 5 or 6 one-putt greens in 9 holes, then enroll in The Truth About Putting 

One payment of $79

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The "New" Short Putting & Green Reading & Distance Control for Long Putting videos, DVD and eBooks

The “New” Short Putting & Green Reading & Distance Control for Long Putting videos, DVD and eBooks

Buy Now - Button Orange


100% Money Back Guarantee!

Try The Truth About Putting for 60 days…

…If you don’t learn a lot, and it doesn’t make you a better putter after practicing and playing and studying all the materials, let us know and we will give you your money back.

Come inside and join the tribe!

More Success Stories from club-golfers:

“Australian, Cain, Has Gone From A 17 Handicap To 12.8 Within A Few Months Of Joining The Truth About Putting Tribe”

Anthony Here: I asked for a photo of Cain and he sent me his Handicap record…it finishes with a handy 40 Stableford Points!

Cain handicap record
Cain email screenshot

21 Handicapper – Harold, had 7 one-putts in 18 holes

Howard Truth About Putting Success stories

William has dropped from 12 to 8 within weeks. His lowest ever handicap. Well done!
Williiams email
William success story

43 points and 27 putts. Colin’s short sharp email. Excellent golf.
Colin testimonial

Walter is putting better, and he has dropped a couple of shots
Walter success story





Benjamin says he has completed the “missing part” to his golf game – Putting

Ben email plus photo together


Ben shot +8 off a 15 handicap – with 13 putts on the front 9. His best round in 18 months!

Ben P putting success

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