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The Tour-Pro’s Number One Key For A Powerful, Consistent Golf Swing: “Move Less”; Less: Rolling, Turning, Swaying, and Tension; Pro’s Use The Adults Golf Swing

By "doing less in your swing" you will transform your ball-striking, and this can happen quickly

An Explanation of The Adults Golf Swing


Below: “Do you have any of these swing-wrecking, Kids-Golf-Swing, moves?”

1.  Below left: a long, floppy, inconsistent, power-leaking kids-swing. Any all of these faults in white causes power leaks and makes timing difficult. A solid back-swing (yellow) however, produces a solid, correct downswing and is simple to repeat.

            Below right: a balanced, powerful, Adults Golf Swing (9-iron being used)

Overswing and unbalanced versus a balanced, centred swing

Left: floppy, long, unbalanced, and powerless = inconsistent, weak shots.
Right: centered, coiled, and balanced = a powerful, consistent golf swing

Below: Can you see how violations of Adults Golf Swing Principle: Balance & Center, affects the downswing, impact positions and ultimately the entire swing and ball-flight?

Subtle changes to fundamentals impact dozens of parts of the swing positively (virtuous cycle/chain-reaction at play). Sandy’s (in blue) can quickly improve the ball striking he laments (he is low single figures) by simply strengthening his balance & center fundamental. The Adults Golf Swing Training explains the simplest way to improve this central fundamental.

Drew v ap 4 photo's


2. Below left: off-plane, slice and pull-producing flat-swing…another Kids Golf-Swing-move

Left: incorrect hand and arm movements are common in most club-golfers. Right: the correct "neutral" hand and arm movements are vital, and, not hard to achieve - with the correct keys to work on

 Above Left: incorrect hand and arm movements are common in most club-golfers (I endured under performing ball-striking in my first decade and half playing because of this). Right: the correct neutral hand and arm movements are vital and not hard to achieve when you have the correct keys to work on. Taught in The Adults Golf Swing Training Course. 

            3. Below left: a “flippy kids-release” = soft, curling, hooks and slices.

Below right: the correct release = powerful straight-shots

The Adults Golf Swing makes hitting straight shots much easier...less "rolling" of the club-face is why "Tour Pro's" (with Adults Golf Swings) are so consistent.

The Adults Golf Swing makes hitting straight shots much easier…less rolling of the club-face is why Tour Pro’s (with Adults Golf Swings) are so consistent.


Here is what I did and what you can do to create a powerful, consistent, Adults Golf Swing…

1.  Master these positions, feelings and movements shown in the right-hand-side photos above 

2. Join the physical components shown above with a natural, creative response to the shot needed; in other words: think, see, feel, swing (then review). It’s how the greats played the game.
(The Greats of Golf also had good mechanics; both parts – feeling and mechanics – are taught in The Adults Golf Swing Training-Course.)

Mechanics and feel based golf.png2

Join excellent “physical mechanics” (left), with excellent “mental mechanics” (right)


Could you shoot your lowest score ever (within weeks) – with an improved golf swing – like Kjell did? (There are no guarantees, but, who knows?)

60 year old, 4-Handicapper, Kjell, from Sweden, applied what he learned from the Adults Golf Swing information, and within 2 weeks, had his lowest 9 holes ever – a 3-under par, 33.


High handicappers can improve so much by fixing up their Kids-Golf Swing faults,  and growing into a strong, Adults Golf Swing.

Low, single-figure golfers – like Kjell above and Sandy below, are just one or two refinements away from some “seriously good ball-striking.”

Drew v ap 4 photo's


What key Adults Golf Swing Fundamental (that all great strikers have) need repair in Sandy’s swing?

When you move that far off the ball, poor balance (Key Adults Golf Swing Fundamental) leads to compensations through the swing (just past impact you can see poor leg work resulting). And when the torso and legs are not coordinated correctly, the arms which are connected to the torso, can’t function optimally (which also affects the hands). Fix the balance/center and a better chain-reaction follows.

Very good ball-striking can be just a round or two away if you fix one or two fundamentals – that in turn influence dozens of moving parts in the swing.

“Nearly all of the time, the answer to better ball-striking and swinging, is doing LESS”…doing LESS with the legs, rolling LESS with the hands, using RELAXED arms, LESS lateral movement. Excellent swingers, do LESS. YOU can transform your swing quickly, by simply doing less. 

Follow the training tips and mental-keys that I have developed and highlight in The Adults Golf Swing Training-Course and you can shave off the rough edges in your swing quickly; you’ll have a quieter yet more powerful Adults Golf Swing – like the Tour-Pro’s have.


The difference between a Kids and an Adults Golf Swing is 4 shots – in very good and average rounds. See below.

My lowest possible score in 1998: 3-under par, 23 putts, and 9 greens in regulation.

Trainee-Match-98-For-sales-page with writing bubbles UPDATED BRIGHTER

My lowest score 14 years later: 7-under par; 25 putts; 15 greens in regulation (the difference is the greens in regulation, which comes from a better golf swing, and ball-striking).

Dec 2012. A Personal Best 7-under par 65. 9 Birdies. 25 Putts. Joy.

Dec 2012. A Personal Best 7-under par 65. 9 Birdies. 25 Putts. Joy.


Enroll in the Adults Golf Swing Training-Course

Fix your kids-golf-swing faults… do LESS in your swing; chisel it down to a simple, repeating, pro-like Adults Golf Swing 

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Adults Golf Swing Package

In the Adults Golf Swing Training-Course, receive:

  1. Access to the video-library (12 videos)Adults Golf Swing Package
  2. 8 training-lessons over 6 weeks – for continued learning (format: as in The Truth About Putting)
  3. Email access to me with questions
  4. The Adults Golf Swing eBook.

A taste of the Adults Golf Swing-Lessons you will learn in the training-course:

  • Video and text lesson: “Learn the easy way to master the correct Adults takeaway, and hinging of the wrists. This sets you up for an excellent, repeatable backswing.”
  • Video and text lesson: “Learn how an excellent swing should feel.” The best golf is played with “feel” – “not a checklist of positions”. Learn the correct feel, then apply it
  • 2 x Videos, and text lessons: All great players had – and have, great, balance, tempo, and control of their swings. You are taught how to master these vital aspects.
I will be explaining and demonstrating via video (and you will be sent detailed lessons throughout the course)

I will be explaining and demonstrating via video (and, you will be sent detailed lessons throughout the course)

  • Video and text lesson: “Learn to play the pin-seeking high-iron shot”…

High-irons are easy when you have a simple, balanced, 3/4-swing; you can literally hit shot after shot to within 10ft of the pin.

All ball-striking greats, played this shot with this swing …think Hogan, Moe Norman, Greg Norman, Trevino, etc. This type of swing is also perfect for fairway bunker-shots, and hitting out of divots – cleanly!

  • Video and text: The chain-reaction golf swing. Join up your better mechanics into a chain-reaction, natural, feel-based golf swing
  • Videos and text: Learn how to increase power and accuracy with your 3-wood/metal and Driver. I take you through how to achieve a balanced, powerful, streamlined swing 
  • Videos and text: From slices to straight-shots. I take you through the keys you need to straighten out slices.”
  • Videos and text: From hooks and big draws, to straight-shots. Many mid, to low-markers, could play so much better if they simply curved the ball less. The best players hit the ball very straight. I give you keys to work on to straighten your shots (if you are someone that has too much curve on your shots.

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