All Great Players Have Used This 5 Part Process To Play Excellent Golf. Learn And Deploy It In Your Game ASAP

The Video Below Reveals The 5 Part Process That Brings Out Your Best Swing For Every Shot

Don’t Get Bogged Down In Analysis Paralysis, Follow  The 5 Part Process And Unleash Your Natural, Confident, “Best Swing” On Every: Drive, Iron, Chip and Pitch

Everyone hits good and bad shots in a round of golf. The 5 Part M.V.F.E.A.R Process – the very process used by ALL excellent golfers – will wipe out bad shots and help you think, feel and swing to your potential.

In side the Automatic Golf Swing System Course, you will learn how to apply the M.V.F.E.R process to your game.

You will destroy the common swing mistakes that are holding your game back (you may have 1, 2 or a few; we’ll get to work on them).

Common club-golfer mistake number 1: Being too rushed from the top of the swing – resulting in left, right, and miss -hits.

“The Magic Move” – The Solution: 

  1. The MVFEAR process will help you select the correct swing to make
  2. Learn how to relax your mind and arms
  3. Use a “mental anchor”; this keeps your mind quite and you body relaxed enough to make a smooth transition; master this and golf becomes a WHOLE lot easier (this is something that all golfers from 30 handicap to Tiger Woods work on).
  4. This is also crucial if you want to turn being 4 shots “up” at after nine holes into “8 shots up” when you putt out on 18. I give you a number of “mental anchors” that I have used and use today.
  5. 3 Videos on how to make this “magic move”

Note: These are photos of videos, not videos

Learn How To Master The Magic-Move

Learn How To Master The Magic-Move

Common club-golfer mistake 2: Wild arms and hands in the back-swing. Poor hand and arm actions can: throw the shaft can off line and can create tension – which kills the golf swing.


This isn’t a paralysis by analysis swing course, I think I have rammed home that point; this video will help you FEEL a better back-swing. The information is simple and easy to follow; it will dispel any confusion about how your arms and hands should work in the back-swing.

Master the correct hand and arm movements in the Backswing

Mastering the correct hands and arm movements in the back-swing. This is a photo of a video.

Common club-golfer mistake 3: Not being able to hit part-shots. Not being able to feel your swing.

Problems: Quitting on part-shots; swinging to hard; not using the hands and arms effectively (the swings lifeblood)


This is SO important. Being able to hit part shots…confident part shots from 60 yards, or a 3/4 punch shot low into a strong breeze, or being able to hit a shot at 90% instead of 110%!

The majority of iron-shots players from a 5 handicap up to professional level hit, are NOT full shots – fact. Once you start controlling your swing, your FEEL for your golf swing and the quality of your shots will go to a much higher level.

Plus, “once you get in control of your swing”, you will be able to straighten out any fade or draw that is moving sideways too much.


Different shots require slight different swing-feelings

Different shots require slight different swing-feelings


Common club-golfer mistake number 4: Not being focused on a specific swing to be used to hit the ball on a specific line to a specific target”

Solution: “Know the swing you are going to make before you make it”…I’m going to get this tattooed on my left forearm, won’t be able to miss it there! The first 3 mistakes and solutions given, need the M.V.F.E.A.R Process for successful shots. Lets take another look at the vital process that all excellent players follow:

  1. Mental: how far you have, what is the lie like, NOT going for a pin on the side of the green, playing a “safe club” from the tee if there is danger.
  2. Vision: program where you want the ball to go; be specific.
  3. Feel/Energy: the vision feeds into the feel. You will learn how to “tap” into what your “gut” is telling you. No room for technical-babble here…This is real golf.
  4. Action: step and hit without delay (thinking brain turned off, mental anchor locked in, strike!)
  5. Review 1-4 post shot.
The M.V.F.E.A.R Process leads to the Automatic Golf Swing (Or, See, Feel Swing)

The M.V.F.E.A.R Process leads to the Automatic Golf Swing (Or, See, Feel Swing)

Common club-golfer mistake number 5: Hard-core slicing and hooking…

Solution: This course is designed to bring the most out of your swing without sending you down the “technical paralysis by analysis road”; this video explains some simple tips for straightening out your hook or slice (and of course all the other videos will help this too)

Know the swing you are going to make before you make it. Here, I'm thinking “high fade”; visualizing it soaring up high and curving a little right. My body will follow this ball flight. My body will make adjustments to make this shot happen. The feeling is strong.

Know the swing you are going to make before you make it. Here, I’m thinking “high fade”; visualizing it soaring up high and curving a little right. My body will follow this ball flight. My body will make adjustments to make this shot happen. The feeling is strong.


Other videos that will help you improve include: 

  • The Driver, I take you through the most important points of driving with live demonstrations
  • Mastering the set up, grip and posture…this is where good golf begins, if you are new to the game, get them right now, then go work and create the shots with the M.V.F.E.A.R Process
  • More on The Magic Move; an in depth look the “magic move” featuring golf greats that had not-so-perfect back-swings, but where great strikers because they recovered with excellent moves from the top of their swings, helped by excellent rhythm and tempo
  • How to master the takeaway
  • More on visualization; very important, the vision feeds the feel, the feel feeds the swing

Plus…Your Guide To Using Your Best Swing ALL THE TIME: The Automatic Golf Swing System E-Book – And DVD!


Automatic Golf System E-book

  • What the most important ingredients for an excellent golf swing are? (No, it’s not your swin
    g plane)
  • Your rational technical brain is good for thinking, but not for swinging. The greats knew this, they transitioned from thinking, to feeling, to acting. Crucial tips on how to turn off the mental and how to turn on your: free, instinctive, natural swing
  • How to master The Automatic Golf Swing System…low scores will result
  • How to feel and create great golf shots
  • Mental anchors keep the mind quite and lets you swing on “auto pilot” (crucial all the time, but especially if you want to play well under pressure when the money is on the line)
  • Practice drills to help you feel your best golf swing
  • More real round examples of the M.V.F.E.A.R process…And the UNIFYING FORCE that causes excellent: putts, chips, part-shots, irons and drives.
  • The shot Review Process…Going from OK to good, and good to great

A little while back I shot a career low, nine birdie round of 65. It happened because of good putting (25 putts), a couple of good chips and a natural, instinctive golf-swing born out of the M.V.F.E.A.R process

More importantly, 18 months on, I’m averaging 14-15 greens in regulation for every second round played, because I have a system/process that I follow for each shot I play. It’s the system/process all greats players from Hogan to Nicklaus to Woods used. Use it now and you will swing better and shoot lower scores.

69 Year Old,  2 Handicapper, American, “Rico”, Shot a 5-under par 67 with help from The Automatic Golf System and The Truth About Putting

David Rico MA shoots 67 part 1
David Rico MA shoots 67 part 2

"The Move" has been made, my club is "in the rails; can't miss from here.

“The Magic-Move” has been made, my club is “in the rails; can’t miss from here.

The system is laid out for you in the 12 e-Lessons,videos and e-books,  

Video package


Plus, Free: The Magic Move Golf Swing & Golf Swing Fundamentals E-Books & Videos 

The magic move golf swing ebook

The Magic Move Golf Swing has been designed to fit in perfectly with The Automatic Golf System (T.A.G.S.).

By quietening your controlling rational brain (which has nothing to do with movement), you “tap into” your best natural swing, which grows from your the creative, intuitive, feeling side of your brain – where the “spark” for movement, and pure tempo comes from.

  1. The Automatic Golf System gives you the 5-part process (in detail) that lets you find your best swing for each shot; you use your natural creativity and awareness more – just how the “greats of golf played”
  2. The Magic Move Golf Swing gives you NATURAL ways to improve your golf swing focusing on the most important move in golf – the transition 
  3. Perfect aesthetics does not equal a good golf swing; a good golf swing comes from syncing three
    factors…Body, Mind and Club.
    All good shots occur when these elements work together in harmony; Auto Golf and The Magic Move shows you how  to “sync” these three vital elements up for every shot you play

Inside Golf Swing Fundamentals (19 pages) you will learn:Golf Swing Fundamentals Small Snagit

  • How to swing with Balance and stay centered (what all good players do)
  • How to make a smooth transition and the “magic move”
  • More on “mental anchors”; this keeps the mind quite and your swing “pendulum like” (the ideal)
  • How to grip properly for a square club-face
  • Set-up for success
  • How to get the takeaway and back-swing right
  • How to shape the ball
  • How to use swing-keys to help you swing consistently

Syncing your Mind, Body and Club like the greats do, results in you unleashing your best swing for every shot – from drive to approach shots to pitches.


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