Shipping and Returns information


  • All products are shipped with 8-24 hours
  • In the USA, DVD’s are shipped with USPS First Class Mail. Delivery time: 2-5 Business days
  • International orders are shipped with Air Mail. Delivery time: 7-14 Business days
  • Shipping Notifications with tracking numbers will be issued via email to customers within 24 hours of product being shipped


  • If your DVD/S are damaged or don’t work or you would like a refund, email l: (, then return back to: The Truth About Putting, 10 Red Jacket Court, Palmwoods, 4555, Q.L.D, Australia. If your DVD/s are damaged you will be sent a replacement/s immediately. If you would like a refund, one will be issued as soon as the DVD’s are received at the address listed above.


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